Creative Events that deliver brand awareness

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of audio and visual equipment and utilise this to assist you with your event. We understand that no two events are the same, so we always tailor the equipment and set-up arrangement for your event.

We offer a full range of technical services and support for your event. From simple backdrops to full scale production sets; we can add sound, presentation and exhibition equipment, with outstanding lighting effects to create a totally unique experience for your audience. With a single point of contact we are able to assist in planning, production and execution of your event, ensuring the consistent delivery of your message.

We already undertake work for an impressive list of leading agencies and major corporate clients.





We use only the finest quality audio components to ensure that your message is as clear as possible.


Audio excellence is a cornerstone capability of Backstage NZ and we have provided sound amplification to literally thousands of events over the years, in hotel ballrooms, museums, conference centre's, warehouses, tents and outside venues.


Whether your meeting or event calls for a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, or a diva belting out a power ballad, we have you covered.

We are expert at events requiring a quick changing mix of keynotes, panel and round table discussions, audience Q&A, auctioneers, entertainment and everything in between.

Our lead and support audio technicians work together seamlessly with your event team, making sure that presenters and talent are properly mic’d up back or off stage, whether using Lapels, Headsets, or handheld wireless microphones.




Lighting is a great tool to create an atmosphere that truly draws in your audience.


We believe that lighting -- more than anything else – incites emotion, and it’s emotion that can most successfully imprint an event’s objective on an attendee: whether that objective is to pump up a sales force, launch a new product, educate members, or raise dollars for a worthy cause.


Lighting can be the glue that ties all the other scenic elements together, while at the same obliterating a ho-hum look-alike ballroom and turn it into a one-of-a-kind environment.


We own a broad array of stage lighting, both conventional and LED, with lights perfectly orchestrated to the mood of the various parts of your event.





We use state-of-the-art AV projection, whether in standard or high definition, to deliver a high impact message to your audience.

We utilize high impact projectors for everything from traditional dual screen layouts, to 16:9 layouts, to 50’+ wide edge blended screens.


AV LED displays and video walls can be a powerful addition to any event, as important a production element as sound and lighting.  We use these technologies in myriad of creative ways to enhance our clients’ events.


AV incorporated into stage and scenic elements as digital signage outside a main event space (displaying Twitter feeds, sponsor logos, directions and function schedules); to display video feeds of the main event for spill over and break spaces where traditional projection is not suitable or when they simply provide more dramatic and visually appeal.







Blackout drapes are the perfect material for covering unsightly walls or entrances and are suitable for a wide range of projects.  These are often used for masking light, stage backdrops or providing room partitions for large venues to create chill out zones.





Using staging carefully will create space, height and atmosphere. Our experienced team can offer you best-in-industry advise and suggest a suitable event stage for your event. We’ll take time to understand what you want to achieve and the space you have to work with before recommending a stage solution.

We can also supply relevant accessories such as star cloth drapes for a fantastical effect, stage furniture and other stage and set items.